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Home Renovation | Savannah, GA

Residential projects are a very important aspect of what we do at Pro Renovations Savannah!

Most residential homes can be easily upgraded, improved or updated simply and cost effectively by making only a few important changes. So if you're looking for small home changes or a full home renovation inside and out, contact us today and see where we can help!

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We all know that the city James Oglethorpe founded in 1733 has a charm of its very own—it’s in the quiet squares, the period architecture, the residential flora and fauna that grace our well-organized grid-patterned streets. But materials don’t last forever in the heat and humidity of the Deep South, and Savannah’s coastal climate can present problems with time. We at Pro Renovations understand the importance maintaining a fresh, forward-thinking interior design. Below, we’ll explore some of the various types of renovation projects and areas so many of us enjoy in our homes and businesses.

The South Needs Good HVAC Systems

In the summer—which seems to last for about eight months here in Savannah—air conditioning makes life vastly more pleasant. Depending on how hot it gets, units can be worked overtime keeping residents cool and indoor humidity at an appropriate level. There’s a great deal of antique wood paneling, flooring, and beautiful furniture here. While a certain amount of moisture is good for wood, too much can cause disastrous warping to occur, which is another reason indoor climate control is essential.

Even the best systems, when worked hard for years can become less effective which means replacing them with top of the line systems can actually save money, because new units use energy better. HVAC systems also help make the winters bearable, and filter the air. During the Yellow Season, or when all our beautiful flowers and plants are at their best, good ventilation and air filtering is essential.

Meeting Your Everyday Needs

There’s no doubt that our period architecture is some of the most beautiful in the South. However, unless your property is on the list of national historic properties and needs to be maintained from the settees and drapers to the house façade, home renovation Savannah GA can vastly improve the effective use of your space. Over time, our idea of a beautiful, modern bathroom or kitchen can change drastically. Laying new flooring in these areas, installing new countertops, and adding efficient modern appliances are three ways we enjoy remodeling these spaces.

Buildings have often been repurposed in the past—apartments or businesses made from single-family dwellings—which means that you may want to install ceiling fans, more windows, or rework the plumbing and take out non-structural walls to improve the flow of your home. If you’ve moved into a space that has been “improved” in a way that doesn’t benefit you—such as unsuitable flooring or wall materials – some immediate home renovation Savannah GA could greatly benefit you in your daily life.

Reliable and Experienced Experts

When it comes to making renovation and improvement dreams come true, the first thing you want to do is partner with a reliable firm. At Pro Renovations, we specialize in home renovation Savannah GA. We have the best people for any job your home or office needs and we are willing to work with you to customize your building’s new look. We are more than a demolition and installation team – we assist you in realizing your remodeling dreams every step of the way. Contact us for a consultation to assess your renovation and design needs.

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