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Repairs and Maintenance
Commercial Renovation

Tiling Features:

  • Licensed and insured services
  • Highly trained and certified technicians
  • Various tile design possibilities for ever taste and budget
  • Doesn’t absorb odors, bacteria and withstands spills
  • Reliable service that you can trust

Professional Tiling | Savannah, GA

Pro Renovations is a remodeling company located in Savannah, GA. We are a company specialized in trades such as carpentry, masonry, concrete work, block work, plumbing, electrical, H/VAC, insulation and drywall, as well as painting. We are licensed and insured to utilize these skills for your benefit and for the benefit of your home.

Reasons People Might Want To Remodel With Tile

Whilst there is a need for tiling Savannah GA, here are a few reasons as to why people might want to select tile for their kitchens or their bathrooms:

  • Tiles can withstand heavy foot traffic
  • Tiles can withstand spills
  • Tiles don’t absorb odors
  • Tiles don’t absorb bacteria
  • Tile sizes can be mixed for style
  • Tiles can be arranged in a plethora of patterns

Different Types of Tile

Tile is a versatile and durable material, but there are a few things to consider whilst selecting which type of tile is appropriate for whichever room is undergoing tiling Savannah GA renovations. Here are the three primary types of tile:

Ceramic Tile – The first type of tile is ceramic tile. It is made of clay. This particular type of tile is easiest to install, but it isn’t as high quality as porcelain or stone tile. This tile is stylish and simple, but it is more prone to damage than the other two primary types of tile.

Porcelain Tile – The second type of tile is porcelain tile. It is made of sands and minerals. It is more dense than ceramic tile is, therefore it isn’t as easily damageable. It’s also water resistant. However, it is more difficult to install than ceramic tile would be, so here’s where our expert technicians are more than happy to help.

Stone Tile – The third type of tile is stone tile. It is a beautiful and durable type of tile, but it does require sealing and it is usually the most tedious to install.

Different Uses For Tile

Tile isn’t only used for tiling Savannah GA floors, it can also be used in creative and fun ways during the remodeling and decorating processes. You can tile walls; you can tile tables; you can tile parts of the floor to give the tiled portion a rug-effect; you can tile mantelpieces on fireplaces; you can tile benches; you can tile shelves and headboards and patios. There are many interesting and unique things to tile. You don’t just have to save the tile for the kitchen and bathroom floors!

The Tiling Process

The tiling process requires a lot of time, effort, and training, so that’s why Pro Renovations would be happy to do it for you, but in case you wondered, here is what tiling entails: first, we measure the area to calculate how many tiles and how much adhesive will be needed. Next all the tiles need to be cut to the correct size and shape. Afterwards, the tiles must be placed in the designated areas to make sure all calculations and cuttings have been done correctly. The surface must be repaired if there are any damages to it. In order to smooth the surface, an adhesive is used and will also fix the tiles in place. When the adhesive has partly dried, lay the tiles onto the adhesive so that they are set in place. Use plastic crosses to ensure that all the tiles are equidistance apart and to prevent them from moving. Once the adhesive is completely dry, use a grout to fill in the spaces between the tiles. Wash the tiles to make sure that no adhesive or grout has left any marks, and leave the grout to dry.


Drywall Features:

  • Expertise and quality that is second to none
  • Highly trained and experienced technicians
  • Increased home value and appeal
  • Match any existing drywall texture and perform any scale
  • Durable and reliable work that is made to last

Strong Drywall | Savannah, GA

Did a child mistakenly swing a baseball bat into a wall in your house? Did a dart game stray too far from the dart board? Did a dog chew or scratch some drywall in your home? Have you gutted your entire house and need someone to install all new drywall? Pro Renovations Savannah can help with these drywall situations, and many more at any scale in between.

Dedicated and Experienced Technicians

Hanging drywall is a labor-intensive process that requires coordination and forethought among the team of technicians. The spacing and installation method for drywall greatly affects how drywall looks over time. Applying joint compound to drywall (often called “mudwork”) is an art. The consistency of the product and the speed and angle at which it’s applied are integral to how the final product looks. Ensuring consistent spacing during drywall installation allows for the small amounts of expansion and contraction structure movements that are common with weather changes. If drywall is spaced too closely, the panels can buckle.

Panels spaced too far apart can develop cracks in the joint compound. Drywall panel seams should also be staggered to help protect against crack development. Drywall installers should use as many full sheets as possible because the edges of the panels are tapered to allow for joint compound to be added while not creating a bulge between the drywall panels. Your Pro Renovations Savannah expert technicians are adept at working with and applying joint compound seamlessly. The application of mudwork is tricky and the sanding of it is messy, but Pro Renovations Savannah has the tools and expertise to quickly and cleanly repair, replace, or install drywall for your project.

Done Right the First Time

Using the correct screws is also very important when installing drywall. If an installer uses nails instead of screws, the nail heads can back out, which is not only unsightly, but can be dangerous on a ceiling. Drywall installed in wet areas should use rust-proof screws. Your Pro Renovations Savannah expert technicians have the experience to quickly and correctly install drywall so you can move to the next phase of your project, or get your house back to the way it should be. At Pro Renovations Savannah, we can match any existing drywall texture and perform any scale of your drywall Savannah GA needs, repairs or replacement. We also offer painting services, so your new drywall can be primed and painted to suit the rest of your home.

We Work With Your Insurance Company

If you have insurance claims related to your drywall Savannah GA project, Pro Renovations Savannah can work directly with your insurance company to expedite the repair process. If you’re getting your house ready to sell, unsightly drywall damage could deter a potential buyer from buying your home. If the drywall in your house is damaged, a potential buyer might think that there are larger issues or overdue maintenance that they can’t see. Having your drywall Savannah GA job in perfect condition can show potential buyers that you’ve maintained your house well and that you’ve paid appropriate attention to all of the details. People looking to buy real estate are often looking for a fresh start, and a drywall in perfect condition can help them envision their belongings in your house without being distracted. Pro Renovations Savannah uses only technicians that are licensed and insured, so you can be sure that your drywall project is handled professionally and with high standards of quality. Whether you need minor repairs or a whole house of new drywall, we want to perfect your drywall so that you can make each room your own.


Carpentry Features:

  • Rich beauty revealed through classic wood construction
  • Depth  and quality added by finished wood construction
  • Versatile tools to cut and shape wood, fiberglass, plastic and drywall
  • Various shapes and styles for every interior design project

Talented Carpenters | Savannah GA

After some time in your home, the need to expand or alter the living spaces may become apparent. Today’s home or story additions and home conversions are capable of turning your dream renovations into the fabulous reality you know they can be. The designers and craftsmen that comprise the team of talented carpenters Savannah GA residents rely on come from Pro Renovations, Improve the look of your home by installing wood or tile for a stunning look. Maybe you want to get started by adding a new kitchen backsplash. Even if you want to go all out with a complete home renovation, start with the team who can help you bring your dreams to life.

Why Customize Using Carpentry?

Carpentry skills involve the ability to cut, shape and install wood. These trade talents date back many thousands of years in the history of home construction. Technological advancements have introduced methods and means of providing stronger, more reliable works of art. Many of today’s custom homes rival some of the finest historical buildings still in existence. From rough framing to finish carpentry, these tradesmen bring their wealth of knowledge to the job. Classic wood construction reveals the rich beauty and warmth of carpentry in any area of the home. It may be in the splendor of a grand staircase, a luxurious fireplace surround or a kid’s fantastic dream bedroom bringing a pirate ship to life. The carpenters Savannah GA homeowners turn to, to transform ideas from the paper design to reality.

Make Your Home One of Distinction

Finished wood construction adds a depth and quality unmatched by other materials. There may be plenty of modern substitutes that mimic the qualities or appearance of natural wood. However, you know the difference when you see it and especially when you feel it. Carpentry is versatile having the tools to cut and shape wood, fiberglass, plastic and drywall. Interiors can be turned into any shape and style. We see it in arched ceilings or built-in cabinets. We love it in richly appointed home offices with beautiful crown molding, wooden floors and pocket doors. Finish carpenters build amazing cabinetry, furniture and fine woodworking detail. Trim carpenters are specialists in the trim molding on doors, windows, baseboards, and mantels. They turn a home into a mansion. The cabinetmaker specializes in the furniture you need for storage such as wardrobes, storage chests and dressers.

Other popular carpentry services include:

  • Kitchens, bathrooms and master bedrooms
  • Mudrooms
  • Room additions
  • Custom construction of new homes
  • Guest quarters
  • Sunrooms
  • Garage construction, additions and carports
  • Front porches
  • Decking
  • First or second story additions

The list goes on. It takes living in the home to discover the possible changes. Sometimes years go by while wondering what it would be like if only the living space could be expanded or improved upon.

There Are Numerous Uses of Carpentry

From start to finish, the carpenters Savannah GA residents have made use of are responsible for the creation of blueprints and building plans to meet their needs. Constructing building frameworks that include the floors, walls, door and window framing involves erecting, leveling and installation. Carpenters also inspect and repair damaged construction. In areas known for heavy rainfall, framing and walls are susceptible to damage from moisture and hidden wood rot.

Having your old windows replaced with marvelous, new models improves the home’s insulation. There is immense satisfaction in glass doors and windows that glide with the push of a finger. The degree of enhancements, improvements or new construction carpenters can bring to your home are only limited by your imagination.

Repairs and Maintenance

Maintenance Features:

  • Certified and highly trained technicians
  • Increased value of your real estate
  • Affordable maintenance and repairs that fit every budget
  • Psychologically reassuring work done, leaving you relaxed
  • Reliable and long lasting service

Reliable Repairs and Maintenance | Savannah, GA

Whether you are running a business or simply trying to maintain a working household, one of the most important investments that you can make in your company is the investment of maintenance. After all, if you have spent the money to create a business or buy a house, spending a fraction of that in order to maintain its value should be no big deal. You will need a repairs and maintenance Savannah GA company that is trusted within the local area to help you implement your program. Keeping up with the repairs on a piece of real estate is a full time job, and you need to focus on your life, not become a repairman. Here are just a few of the advantages of having a Repairs and Maintenance Savannah GA Program.

Affordable and Reliable Services to Fit Every Budget and Taste

Big repairs cost big money. If you are able to catch the little things before they become big things, then you will never have to stop what you are doing for a large out of pocket expense. If you budget a low cost maintenance every month, soon that expense will become completely invisible to your wallet, and you will not have to worry about destroying your savings account in order to fix a huge leak or a busted pipe.

Maintain the Utility of the Space

If you wait on a big repair before you fix things in your real estate, then you will not only lose out on a large amount of money, but on the utility of the real estate as well. In many cases, busted pipes or HVAC relinings require you to move out of the home for days or even weeks. You will be responsible for covering these expenses as well, adding to the overall output for the project that could have been completely avoided.

Increased Real Estate Value

Maintenance increases the value of your real estate. The longer that you can maintain a home or a business workspace, the more valuable it becomes. This is especially true if you are paying down a loan on the property at the same time – you will be building equity in the property as you maintain it, increasing the acceleration of the value in your investment.

Increased Overall Quality of Life

Having everything working in a household or in a place of business is psychologically reassuring. You will be able to raise the productivity in your home and in your business.

Get the repairs and maintenance Savannah GA trusts on your side and give yourself all of the advantages of a properly maintained piece of real estate. If you are still unsure, then think of the long term goals that you have for your savings. One mistake in any of the systems around your home or place of business can completely put these plans on hold. Why deal with that risk when you can simply create a better life for yourself through a small increase in your monthly expenses? Smart real estate owners do not wait for their property to break down; they assume this will happen and create a proactive plan to counter all possible scenarios.

Pro Renovations Ltd Co. is the company that can provide you with the consistent and cheap maintenance and repairs that you need to maintain your real estate. Our reputation in Savannah has been built around giving the absolute best services to our clients, and we want to make sure that you are getting this type of service as well!


Flooring Features:

  • Various kinds of flooring service provided
  • Highly skilled and certified technicians
  • Determined to make your vision come true
  • High quality products and reliable installation
  • Affordability that fits every budget
  • Thorough inspection and installation

Dependable Flooring | Savannah, GA

If you’re searching for flooring Savannah GA residents can trust, Pro Renovations may be a great choice for you. We offer a vast selection of flooring services. Wood and tile flooring are two of our specialties. If you’re fed up with the messy, tired and drab look of the carpeting in your living room, new flooring may be exactly what the doctor ordered. Carpet stains and odors can be tough to eliminate fully. They also can be tough to look at every day and certainly decrease a home’s rent value and appeal. This is why investing in brand new flooring might be a smart and practical option for you. At Pro Renovations Ltd. Co., we offer hardwood flooring service that can give your living room floor a brand new lease on life. Not only is hardwood flooring significantly easier to maintain than carpet, but it also possesses an elegant and refined look that is sure to give your residence a pleasant update.

Fixing Up The Home

Our flooring services can also come in handy for people who are unhappy with the conditions of their bathroom or kitchen floors. If you’re tired of persistently scrubbing and mopping your bathroom and kitchen flooring only to notice zero results, it might just be a sign that you need to get a new floor entirely. If you’re tired of looking at all of the unsightly cracks and stains on your bathroom and kitchen floors, the same thing goes. If you call Pro Renovations Ltd Co. for our tile services, you’ll be able to get a whole new outlook on flooring. Tiles are easy and quick to clean. Tile maintenance is not something that will ever take up too much of your time, while it will add tremendously to the appeal of your home.

Endless Customization Options for Every Taste and Budget

People who are searching for stress-free solutions for bathroom and kitchen flooring are sure to appreciate the relaxation and peace of mind tile flooring affords them. Flooring services can also do wonders for people who simply are in the mood for a change. If you want to spruce up your residence and make it look fresh and energized, our tile, hardwood floor, carpet or laminate floor services may be calling your name. We offer flooring Savannah GA folks can stand by time and time again. Custom flooring services are also available at our company. If you’re a true individual who always likes to do things your way, then customized flooring work might be your thing. Simply specify the design and material you want for your flooring and our team of talented and experienced professionals will make it happen for you. Our skilled and highly experienced professionals make the flooring process look easy and effortless. Call your experts at Pro Renovations Ltd Co. for quality and long lasting hardwood floor installation.

Qualitative and Long Lasting Installation

We begin by readying the sub-flooring for the installation process. We then install the floors over the joists. Then the sanding and finishing processes follow. When we install flooring for our clients, we use only the most modern and updated equipment and tools around. Customer service is our primary focus here at Pro Renovations Ltd Co. Our staff members are all prompt, efficient, dependable, honest, professional and friendly individuals. We all go out of the way to ensure that our clients are more than happy with the services we provide them. If you recruit us for our flooring services and are ever anything less than 100 percent elated by the work we provide you, let us know and we’ll change that for you in no time. Remember, the customer always comes first at Pro Renovations Ltd Co.

We’re Here When You Need Us

If you’re looking for flooring Savannah GA locals can believe in, contact our experts today to request a design consultation and estimate. Our in house technicians will learn about your vision, design preference, and budget and present you with the best ideas that fit your needs.

Commercial Renovation

Renovation Features:

  • Increased functionality
  • Improve business’s look and appeal to customers
  • Decrease utility costs with energy-efficient installations
  •  Reroute the flow of foot traffic through your store

Putting a new face on your business – whether interior or exterior – with a commercial renovation can do wonders for your company’s image. A commercial renovation will certainly start people talking about how good your business looks. With today’s materials and the right design team, you can create any look you want, adding rich beauty, elegance, and color to your space.

Renovate Your Commercial Property to Improve Business

When a commercial property looks sharp and elegant, people more readily enjoy doing business there. Luckily, projects that can produce massive results do not always need to be costly. While large-scale renovations are sure to impress, you can still get great results with smaller projects. Pro Renovations in house team, can meet all your needs for renovation and give you the quality workmanship you need. We can update your walls, ceiling, floors, or workspace to make your business a place of beauty that customers want to visit more frequently. For those on a budget, we can help you decide which element of your commercial renovation will make the biggest impact for the lowest cost.

Get the New Beauty You Want

A renovation can completely change the appearance of your business, inside or outside. If functionality is a big issue with your current business space, we can solve that problem easily by installing new walls to create a good flow of traffic through your business, adding additional electrical outlets where you need them, or adding a new kitchenette or bathroom. Whatever your particular needs are, our experts can help you solve your functionality problems and get back to focusing on what’s important – running your business! Choose from a wide variety of materials such as wood, tile, or fiberglass to get the texture, look, and feel you want. The professional carpenters at Pro Renovations can build it the way you want. Our experts also specialize in giving your offices and other spaces customized wood craftsmanship. We can install beautiful:

  • Wood floors
  • Stairs
  • Wood molding
  • Windows
  • Doors, and more.

Let Our Team Help You Create the Complete Dream Renovation

If you need help expressing the look and feel you want, our design team can work with you to put together your dream space or project. Our experience in commercial renovation projects will greatly benefit you when we are able to offer ideas and swatches of different colors and materials that could be incorporated into your design, making the process as stress-free as possible for you. We can show you examples of our custom cabinetry and countertops, lighting installations, and more, so that you can decide exactly what works for your space.

Best Materials Used in All Projects

We can install new windows that will let in more light,while minimizing the heat and glare from the sun. New light fixtures and perfect paint colors are wonderful finishing touches that we can provide that will complete the ideal sensory experience for your customers, clients, and employees.

Our technicians stay on top of the newest developments in materials and commercial building products. This enables us to give you the best and latest high-tech products where applicable, as well as products that are energy-efficient and will save you money in the long run on your utility bills.

Pro Renovations Also Performs Restoration Services

If your establishment has been damaged by fire, water, or windstorm, it may be a good time to completely renovate it. You can let your imagination go wild and put in those elements or features you always wanted it to have. During the renovation process, you are ensured that our professionals know where to look to remove all damaged materials, hidden mold or rotten wood. We will completely remove all of the old, damaged structure and leave you with a wonderful new commercial space that you will be proud to show off.

Projects Completed on Time and Within Budget

One of the biggest complaints against contractors is overruns in terms of time and money. While we cannot always control delivery of components from other companies, you can be sure that Pro Renovations aims to complete all projects in the agreed upon time and budget. We invite you to contact us today for more information about our commercial renovation services, or let us answer your questions and provide a free estimate for your next remodel.