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03/08/2017 – Steve Gerard

Once the mold remediation was finished, they were able to begin their work rebuilding from the damage. Their crews were professional, friendly and helpful. They answered questions and helped reassure us when it all seemed overwhelming. They kept the workspace tidy and always remembered to set the alarm when they left. They even became friendly with our dog, giving him pats in the morning before he stayed at the neighbor's. They took extra care to make sure things looked great. The tile guy took boxes back to the store and exchanged them for ones with better color rather than laying what he had. The painter made sure to match our paint colors and types perfectly. ProRen's work is high quality, but it was their personal demeanor that meant so much to us during a stressful time. They will be our first call the next time we tackle a project.

Description of work:

What started as a simple renovation with wood floors turned into a much bigger project, but Pro Ren helped us navigate the entire thing. We decided to turn about 1000 sq.ft. of carpeted floors into hardwood and to do the demo ourselves. That demo uncovered water damage and mold and was far beyond our limited DIY skills. ProRen came in to assess the job, helped us find mold remediation experts and kept us in the loop during the entire process. They also helped us through the steps of insurance claims - something we had never done before for a home. Probably the hardest and most frustrating part of the process is not knowing the steps or what to do next. ProRen kept us on track.

Cost: $50000
Work Completed Date: 09/01/2016