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" Hire a company that will do what they say they are going to do, be as professional as possible and turn up on time! "

Hire A Professional

The biggest step you will take in beginning your project starts with who you hire. Interview as many contractors as you need until you feel 100% comfortable with your final choice! Hiring the wrong contractor/team for your project can lead to a nightmare!


If your contractor does not have workman's compensation insurance, YOU as the homeowner are now held liable for anyone that work son your home, for when they have an incident or injury!



Unless you have worked with a particular contractor before, you are about to spend a lot of money without seeing either the type of product produced or know of the type of services you will receive with someone you don't know! - GET REFERENCES!

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Structural Carpentry Services

New Construction

Building your new home is an extremely exciting project to take on! Whether this be your first new build, or your third, your project should be just as exciting every time!

There are many options when deciding to hire a contractor, these decisions are critical when it comes to such important factors in a home like the integrity of your homes structure.

Structure is a tricky thing for those that aren't professionals; it's difficult to understand and 99% structural carpentry services are often 'behind the scenes'.

Always hire a contractor that is *licensed, * insured, *knowledgeable and *trustworthy.


Get started on building your custom, beautiful, dream home today!